Universal Control of Entertainment Systems and Home Theater

  • Rich 2.2" color touch screen display
  • Elegant design for one-handed control of IR and RF
  • DIRECTV® RF control without a separate base station (US and Canada)
  • Rechargeable battery and charging cradle for remote included

Simple Control for Many Devices

  • Controls up to 18 devices
  • 41 programmable hard keys plus 4 preset keys
  • Can even control devices with hard to find codes with "Learning" feature
  • Combine with Nevo REX-433 for RF control of equipment hidden in cabinets


  • Professional installers can customerize the remote with Activities and Favorite Channels including station icons for extreme ease of use
  • Design is made with the user in mind with a functional key layout and easy to read buttons organized in a simple way


Nevo REX-433 RF Extender

View NevoC3 Personalization Guide (pdf)Your professional installer can setup and customize your remote. This guide helps your installer configure your preferences during the setup process.

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